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Last updated 14 October 2017

Note that publishers in Australia are usually required to submit an ABN number to sponsors, or there will usually be a 48.5% tax withheld and sent to the ATO - Australian Tax Office. Publishers outside the country don't need this, and should deal with their local tax authority separately.

Clix Galore - Mostly Australian merchants, but serves other countries as well. Two tier. Pays monthly, minimum AU$100, by cheque or PayPal. International publishers OK, with a few different currencies available. Although it appears that everyone outside Australia and the USA must receive PayPal.

3D Interactive - Network with CPM, CPC, and CPA campaigns. Also has an office in New Zealand.

Ad 2-One - Details aren't clear. Based in the UK, and they also have offices in Ireland, continental Europe, and Australia.

AusWeb - Web site hosting. International publishers OK.

BoonEx - Sells software for building interactive community Web sites. Pays monthly, minimum $300, by PayPal only. International publishers OK.

Cable Chick - Various cables, connectors, and adapters, for computers and other electronic equipment. Their signup for only accepts Australian addresses.

Car Broker - Services for buying and selling cars. Their signup form only accepts Australian addresses. Net 15, minimum $100. Two tier.

Caricature King - They draw a caricature portrait from a customer supplied photograph. Offers check or PayPal, and pays quarterly, minimum $10. International publishers OK.

Commission Monster - CPA network. Includes dynamically generated selections of individual products. Allows some email marketing. Can pay in AU$, US$, or Euros. Minimum payment AU$50 in Australia, or AU$100 outside, Net 60. Can do direct credit to Australian bank accounts, and also offers PayPal. International publishers OK.

Crazy Domains

Dark Blue Sea - It appears that they launch a pop-under with Roar.com results, during every click on their regular ads. International publishers OK, and they apparently feature some US and UK sponsors. Also offers domain parking monetization.

DGM Australia - CPA network.

Dining Downunder - Native Australian food gifts, involving Vic Cherikoff. Net 1, minimum $40, by cheque or PayPal. International publishers OK.

Discovery Campervans - Campervan rentals. International publishers OK. They also have a New Zealand version.

Elmore Music - Online guitar lessons. Formerly known as Guitar Tips.

Ezibed - Specialising in last minute bookings for hotel rooms and other accommodation in New Zealand and Australia. Net 20, minimum NZ$25, with direct credit to NZ publishers, cheques to others, and also offers PayPal. International publishers OK.

Fabulous - Domain parking program owned by Dark Blue Sea. Net 10, minimum $25 for check or PayPal, $1000 for wire transfer.

Fantasy Lingerie - Based in Australia, and offers a turnkey store option to publishers from Australia and New Zealand. Net 15. International publishers OK, but they want AU and NZ traffic, which is their delivery area.

Feed Forward - Sells technical oriented books (hard copy, CD, and ebook formats) on various engineering topics. Seems to pay only via PayPal.

Gourmet Ads - CPM network oriented to food, wine, and beer type publishers and advertisers. Pays monthly, by check, PayPal, or wire transfer. Based in Australia, but has offices in other countries, and international publishers OK.

HiFX - Forex and other currency services. International publishers OK.

Hosting Bay - Web hosting. Recurring payments for the life of the customer. Net 21, minimum $50. International publishers OK.

Hosting Clicks - Requires site content to be webmaster oriented. Net 30, minimum $50, by PayPal only. Based in Australia, but only accepts publishers from the US, UK, Canada, Japan or New Zealand. Owned by iOnline.

Hotel Club - Sets up hotel reservations worldwide. Offers Australian Dollars, Euros, UK Pounds, or US Dollars. Net 10, minimum $100 for cheque or $500 for direct deposit. International publishers OK. They also have a separate program called Rates To Go.

Information Packaging - Offers various software, including items for webmasters. Two tier. Pays monthly, minimum US$50. Based in Australia, but international publishers OK.

Kanga Web - Web hosting. Minimum payment US$70. And it appears that you would need to invoice them to request payment (although they offer a template for this.) They only pay via PayPal, to a Verified Premium Account or a Verified Business Account. Two tier. International publishers OK.

Latest Buy - Unusual gifts and gadgets. Net 45, minimum $100. International publishers OK.

Lottery Affiliates - Promotes Oz Lotteries. Pays monthly by cheque, PayPal, or bank transfer (for Australian residents).  Minimum AU$50 for Australian publishers, AU$100 for US and UK publishers, and AU$150 for others.

Mantra Group - Hotels, resorts, and apartments.

Melbourne IT - Domain registrations including ".au" names, along with other types. International publishers OK.

Menu Log - Restaurant guide, paying commissions on booking fees generated through their site. International publishers OK.

Mooter Media - CPC network. hey offer optimization and targeting tools for publishers and for other ad networks. International publishers OK.

My Rate - Offers mortgages. Pays monthly, minimum AU$100, by check or direct credit to Australian bank accounts. International publishers apparently OK, but they only want Australian customers.

Nimble - Offers payday loans. Formerly known as Cash Doctors. International publishers OK.

The Performance Network - CPA network, plus some CPC. Owned by First Digital. Requires a minimum of 20,000 unique page views per month. Net 45, by bank transfer, minimum AU$100 or AU$3,000(yes, three thousand) for international publishers. International publishers OK, but they only want Australian audiences. They also have an New Zealand division.

Petals - Flower delivery serving over 70 countries. They also have separate sites for New Zealand, the UK, Canada, and the US. They require you to be able to generate at least 20 orders per month. International publishers OK.

Rewards Central - They offer a points system for reading email, completing surveys, and other items. The referral program involves promoting free signups. Must be a resident of Australia to join.

Server 101 - Hosting. International publishers OK. Two Tier. Minimum payment $50, Net 30. Paypal, check, or wire transfer.

Sparc Media - Formerly known as Funbox. Seems to be a CPM network. International publishers OK.

Tours To Go - Travel tours in and around Australia. International publishers OK.

Weather Down Under - Weather related products. Net 30. Pays by check, PayPal, or bank transfer. International publishers OK.

Web Wombat - They sell listings on their search engine. Net 30, minimum $100. International publishers OK.

WishList - Online retailer with a very wide range of products.


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